Globalia Sydney continued its growth in 2019 with the enhancement of scope and scale of their services and investments in digitization

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The opening of a new warehouse facility and the implementation of complex supply chain solutions have been the key to this expansion

PCFS Logistics, Globalia member in Sydney, Australia, has expanded its domestic and international activities and made considerable investments in technology to grow substantially. The key to this achievement has been the opening of a new integrated warehouse and distribution centre, complementing the company’s flagship headquarters in Sydney.

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PCFS continues its success in the implementation of complex supply chain solutions, offering comprehensive concepts encompassing transport, warehousing & storage, product management, and distribution. All their in-house hubs are approved & certified for the handling and distribution of a range of goods and products – including food products (HACCP) & dangerous goods & chemicals. This enables PCFS to present bespoke solutions to a broad client base.

In the words of Mr. Paul Petrovski, the Managing Director of PCFS Logistics, “With 2020 presenting a unique and challenging environment, PCFS is positioned to withstand these unprecedented times and ensure a continuity of service to support our clients and Globalia partners. We are committed to the expansion of our company as well as the Globalia group by setting new standards in terms of customer service, safety and efficiency.”

Congratulations to PCFS Logistics and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!