Globalia Maputo/Beira ventures into oil and gas services

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The oil and gas services of Globalia member in Maputo/ Beira includes vessel supply, staff training and much more

RBG Africa Logistics, a company specializing in ship and cargo related services for containers, break-bulk, Ro-Ro and project cargo for shipments, has now ventured into the field of Oil & Gas. Africa Logistics’ extensive experience in the Mozambican business coupled with its strong network of partners and expertise in the maritime industry has a huge potential to strengthen its position in the extremely fast-growing Oil & Gas Services industry in Mozambique. In 2011, off the coast of Mozambique, one of the largest gas fields in the world was discovered, with up to 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in place. It is expected that exploration of the field will commence the coming years.

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RBG Oil and Gas is offering oil and gas operations along with a wide range of marine and offshore services to support their exploration, development and production requirements. In the words of Gilles Verlé, Sales & Marketing Manager, of Royal Burger Group, “The Port of Beira is a perfect Gateway Port for Central African countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Southern part of DRC Congo; it is also referred to as “The Beira Corridor”. We are already using this trade lane for handling raw tobacco leaf shipments originating out of these countries.”
Mr Gilles Verlé has further added: “Our oil and gas services include- vessel supply, solid and liquid waste management and staff training. We ensure that the highest standards of quality and safety are maintained in our operations which would enable us to offer all sorts of tailor-made solutions for any offshore demands of our clients.”
RBG Africa Logistics and Burger Logistics are presently collaborating with many Globalia members. As Mr. Gilles Verlé says, “In 2017 we received in total 31 quote inquiries from various Globalia members around the globe and have also sent out quite a few to various Globalia members from our side.”
Hearty congratulations to RBG Africa Logistics on all their future endeavours.