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Globalia Logistics Network assists its members in their pursuit of success rather than simply collecting a membership fee. Once a member of GLOBALIA, agents can expect to enjoy the following benefits:


Real Exclusivity

Only one forwarder will be allocated to each of the world's 472 main sea/airports operating as a "virtual branch office" for Globalia.


Delimited Territories

To encourage a spirit of cooperation, our online member-only Agent Finder tool delimits a territory for each member. Simply input the name of the pick-up or delivery city and the details and location of the closest members will appear.


New Business

Members agree to transfer a growing percentage of their shipments to their fellow agents in the network; this is periodically verified by Globalia Head Office. The result is a ready availability of routed cargo, freehands, and sales leads from the entire network, and you are able to partner with agents outside the network where you choose.


Digital Freight Forwarder

FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure that helps you generate quotes within seconds. Not only it reduces the processing time but also offers pinpoint precision while quoting. Since it’s a member exclusive service, the program helps the agents of the network stay a step ahead to other freight forwarder and become a digital freight forwarder.


Reliable Partners Everywhere

All Globalia members are carefully selected for their financial strength, creditworthiness, reputation, business volume, and competitiveness. And they are all bound by our strict rules -the penalty for breaking them is expulsion. As a GLOBALIA agent never again will you struggle with agents who want your shipments but won't give you theirs, and never again will you work with unknown agents who are unproductive, unreliable, or bad payers


Faster Quote Response Time

All Globalia members will post their current local charges for normal departure/arrival of air/sea shipments (Air, FCL, LCL) on our password-protected intranet, so any Globalia member can view the rates online and make quotations easily. This will also diminish the chance of any unpleasant surprises.

Largest Contracts

Opportunity to tender for the Largest Contracts

Under the umbrella of a global brand name with high calibre partners worldwide, your company, like the multinationals, can tender for the largest contracts from major exporters, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to live up to their expectations.

Lower Rates

Better Rates from Carriers and Insurers

As our coverage reaches a critical moment, members aggregate volume will be used to negotiate better rates from airlines, shipping lines and insurers.


Payment Protection

Globalia offers protection against unpaid invoices. In the rare event of an unpaid invoice from another member, the PPP will release funds to compensate you against this lost money. This protection provides our members with the peace of mind to cooperate in complete security.


Detailed Member Profiles

In our password-protected intranet, members can view their fellow partners trading name, location, contact details, photos, current local charges, any special capabilities or services, bank details, and the credit limit recommended by our third-party auditor.

Global Brand

A Global Brand

Globalia is an attractive option for shippers who seek the service quality that only independent local agents provide, combined with the global scope, dimensions, and competitiveness of a large multinational group. And an international campaign to publicize the Globalia brand will stress the quality of our membership and the discipline of our organization.

Online Tools

Online Tools

Globalia provides access to the best Cargo Tracking System (real-time tracking of containers, air shipments, etc.). Carrier Schedules (vessel departures from/to everywhere)

Protocols and Forms

Standard Protocols and Forms

Globalia has protocols and forms covering intra-network Communications, Sales Leads, Response Times, Requests for Quotations, Profit Sharing, Payments, and the Disputes Resolution Service.

Lower Rates

Logistics online courses

Globalia provides you with a unique opportunity to avail an extensive range of web-based logistics courses. These online courses will help you acquire the basic skills required to perform competently in this sector while advancing your knowledge of transportation and logistics.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Attendance to Globalia Annual Meeting is mandatory. Every year Globalia members can meet, find new business opportunities, and discuss the latest trends and issues.


Personalised PR & Marketing materials Free for members

Personalised Member Brochure

A brochure about your company which you can give or send to current and prospective clients.

Personalised Powerpoint Presentation

A presentation which you can use in sales meetings. We have included a script (notes) for the presenter.

Personalised Website

A modern and easy to navigate website. It will give you that key online presence, vital in the current market.

Personalised Video

A video to place on your website and show to customers and partners, highlighting your company's key skills.

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