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Globalia Logistics Network has several safeguards in place to protects its members against bad debts

Strict Requirements

Safeguard 1: High standards of membership

Globalia only accepts those companies which have the highest levels of solvency, reputation and creditworthiness. Once in the network, The Globalia organisation continues to monitor each company's performance detecting any early warning signs of problems, such as the late payment of an invoice issued by another member, promptly.

Members have an obligation to inform The Globalia Organisation immediately when a member delays a payment.

Payment Protection Plan

Additional security: Payment Protection Plan (PPP)

The optional Payment Protection Plan (PPP) protects its subscribers against losses attributed to uncollected debts from fellow members in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. Disputer invoices are not covered and are provided for under Rule 9 (Payments) and Rule 10 (Dispute Resolution Service) specified in General Rules and Procedures on this website.

The annual contribution is now 500 EUR per member, subject to review each year.

How PPP works

How the PPP works

During the first quarter of each financial year, Globalia's Organization may use a maximum of 80% of the monies in the PPP fund to compensate participating members who have debts outstanding from members who have declared bankruptcy or ceased operations during the year, to a maximum amount of 25,000 USD per debtor. In order to collect the debts legally, the PPP will utilise the services of a reputable debt collection agency.

PPP accounts will be kept completely separate from those of Globalia Logistics Network, and any PPP subscriber can view the accounts at any time.

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