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Select the best cargo insurance for your shipment

Globalia and Redkik make insurance acquisition easy and effortless enabling users to purchase tailored coverage. Book insurance for your cargo through the Member Area.

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Modernizing the adquisition of insurance in logistics and transportation

Thanks to Redkik we present a true win-win partnership, through which members have complete access to insurance covers through the Intranet.

Another step to become a truly digital forwarder. Discover Redkik's Solution now!

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Globalia Logistics Network & Redkik

Turning an insurance problem into an opportunity


Around half of all global shipments currently go uninsured, why?

  • The current insurance solutions don’t offer the flexibility shippers need
  • High upfront annual estimated fees
  • Slow processes for per shipment bookings
  • High administrative load from manual claims handling
  • Inefficiencies and lack of flexibility e.g., restricted commodity types
  • All-in-all consumers aren’t getting what they want, when they want it

Coverage now, not later

Flexible, efficient, quick for forwarders

Redkik integrates with existing booking systems for instant quotation and on-demand one-click coverage.

Dynamic rate adjustment by monitoring external factors such as theft, weather, traffic, and claims history via AI and machine learning.

What customers want, where they want it

The customer stays on the forwarder platform for the entire process eliminating the risk of losing the customer mid-way and keeping the customer where they belong – in your system.

Insurance offered at the point of sale, where the customer is most likely to consider coverage.

No extra costs, new revenue

We strive for a true win-win partnership, without any costs for you.

Redkik's solution is easy to implement fully integrated (now on FreightViewer) or as a standalone solution where booking system is offline.

Globalia Logistics Network & Redkik

Why choose Redkik's insurance solution?

Customer satisfaction and retention

Consumer needs are evolving. With Redkik, you can meet and exceed those needs.

Meet all of your customers insurance needs, including cargo, warehouse, gap, spike, cyber, and liability insurance.

New profitable revenue stream

Redkik works with the leading global insurance providers to provide a first of its kind embedded insurance solution you can add to your offering.

Easy integration with no fees or extra costs. Attract new business and add value to existing customer-base.

Differentiate from competitors

Set yourself apart from the competition with embedded freight insurance.

Our technology team will provide you everything you need to offer easy and instant freight coverage tailored to your customers' needs.

Globalia Logistics Network & Redkik

How it works

Globalia Logistics Network & Redkik

Start using Redkik's transactional, on-demand insurance solution!

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