210 Cities · 134 Countries · 4414 Employees

A network based on high standards and disciplined cooperation

Every member in our network has agreed to adhere to our rules, and to report any breaches of the said rules by other members to Globalia Head Office. Any member which fails to adhere to the rules is expelled from the network and replaced by the next best-qualified applicant on the waiting list for that territory. The high admission standards for members and what we call "disciplined cooperation" are what makes Globalia Logistics Network different.

The Globalia Rules in brief

True partnerships

  • Transfer a growing percentage of your shipments to your fellow agents
  • Respond in a timely manner to sales leads and requests from other members
  • Set competitive rates
Partnerships as  members of Globalia Logistics Network

Taking care of business

  • Operate to the highest professional standards
  • Post your current standard local charges for other members only (password-protected)
  • Pay invoices from other members on time
Freight Business with Globalia

A network, a community

  • Display the Globalia logo on all your company communications
  • Attend our Annual Meeting
  • Learn all the rules in detail and follow them
Globalia and community

Going Global Together!

Expand your businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies

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