The Dougal Steam Locomotive returns home thanks to the cooperation of Globalia members from Kaohsiung and Southampton

The historical steam locomotive goes on a 8000-mile roundtrip from UK to Taiwan to be used as a tourist attraction at the Taiwanese lantern festival.

Apollo Logistics, Globalia member in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was selected among 7 competitors to handle the shipment of the historical Dougal Steam Locomotive, built in 1946 for a gasworks in Glasgow, and kept on the Llanfair line in Powys since 1967. The aim of this trip was to use this engine as a tourist attraction during the Taiwanese lantern festival.

The 762 mm distance between rails of the Steam Locomotive is identical to the Taiwan Sugar company’s rail system which is very different to other locomotives in UK.

This is why it was requested by Taiwan at a time coinciding with the connection of the operators of new heritage railway lines in the country.

“This shipment has not been the most challenging one we have managed. However, it has been truly special since this locomotive has been well-maintained for 73 years  at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. Additionally, it took one month to ship it from Kaohsiung to Southampton”, says Mr Richard Yeh, General Manager of Apollo Shipping.

The Locomotive was requested to be returned to the station of Llanfair Caereinion via Southampton, that is why Apollo Logistics inquired the cooperation of Oceanside Logistics, Globalia member in Southampton and Felixstowe, UK.

“Together with Oceanside Logistics, we shipped this unit by 1 x 20’ open top from Southampton to W & LLR. I am delighted with the successful outcome of this project and believe that both of our teams have carried it out very professionally”, continues Richard Yeh.

Congratulations to Oceanside Logistics Limited and Apollo Logistics for such a meticulous work!

Globalia Santiago handles an important shipment consisting of 24 40’Flatrack containers from Puerto Antofagasta to Copiapó

The cargo consisting of chimneys for desulphurisation process was distributed in several units of ENAMI (Empresa Nacional de Mineria)

ILS Chile, the Globalia member in Santiago, Chile, has recently transported a massive shipment of 24 40’ FT containers consisting of pieces for assembling chimneys for desulphurisation process of a mining plant. The shipment which was discharged in several units of ENAMI is used for improving the pollution and contamination level during the process of desulphurisation.

The freight which arrived from Shanghai was taken to the Puerto Antofagasta in Northern Chile, from where it was moved by GLB Santiago to the city of Copiapó, which is situated at a distance of 600 km. “The cargo was smoothly transferred to Copiapó via land and the enormous dimension of the shipment required special equipment and complex implementation. We are glad to announce the successful termination of the project for which I’m indebted to my entire team!” says Sylvia Aroca, the Coordination Manager of ILS Chile.

Congratulations to ILS Chile and wishing them the best for their upcoming projects!

Globalia member in Istanbul, Turkey, has been elected as a board member of UTIKAD

UTIKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers) in Turkey comprises of 450 competent forwarding and logistics companies

Mr. Cihan Ozkal, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Armada Shipping Logistics Service Trading Ltd, has been elected to the board members of UTIKAD, one of the most prominent logistics network in Turkey. All the member forwarding companies of UTIKAD are specialized in their respective fields with additional emphasis on certain modes of transportation, such as road, air, ocean freight, railway, and multimodal transportation

As stated by Mr. Ozkal, Sales and Marketing Manager of Globalia Istanbul, “UTIKAD is also instrumental in representing Turkish freight forwarding and logistics industry on an international level. UTIKAD is an active member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders and it goes without saying that becoming a board member of this prestigious organization has indeed boosted the reliability of our company,”

Mr. Ozkal further adds, “The member companies of UTIKAD have stakes of 95% in Air & Rail, 65% in Ocean & Road forwarding activities and are supported by a workforce of nearly 50,000. Their activities include freight forwarding, warehousing, customs operations, packaging, distribution, supply chain facilities with emphasis on goods assembly,”

Congratulations to Armada Shipping Logistics and wishing them all the best for their future projects!

Globalia Southampton & Felixstowe boosts its growth by opening an additional 60,000 square feet fulfilment centre

The new warehouse which is located within 60 miles from Southampton Port will help them strengthen their Amazon FBA and e-commerce presence

Oceanside Logistics Limited, the Globalia member in Southampton & Felixstowe, UK, has opened up a brand new 60,000 square feet fulfilment centre which will allow them to improve their Amazon FBA and e-commerce presence. Operating from their larger facility in Fareham, the new location will offer easy access from Southampton Port, more advanced inventory management, quicker order packing and faster shipping for their customers. 

“Oceanside is incredibly proud of this new facility which will help us enhance our services in more than one way,” said Simon Pearman, Operations Manager at Oceanside Logistics Ltd. “This warehouse allows faster access to stock, earlier delivery to customers and allows us to handle a higher volume of workload”.

Congratulations to Oceanside Logistics Ltd. for their new fulfilment centre!

The first edition of Globalia’s 2019 newsletters has been published!

The spring edition of Globalia’s Newsletter comes with all the news about our Annual Meeting held in Abu Dhabi along with many other news bits from the network and the sector

We are happy to bring to your attention that the spring edition of Globalia’s quarterly newsletter is now published and available for viewing. In this newsletter, you’ll find all the relevant information regarding our last Annual Meeting along with the pictures of the highlights of our meeting. We have also published an interview with Antonio Torres where he talks about the importance of digitalization in the freight forwarding industry and explains the benefits of FreightViewer- Globalia’s upcoming instant quote generating tool. 

Like always, you can find several important news from the sector, which will surely keep you updated with the goings-on in the industry. We hope the pictures and news about the success of our last conference at Abu Dhabi will encourage all of you to join us for our next Annual Meeting, the date, and venue of which will soon be made available! In case you want to see your company’s news in our next newsletter then don’t forget to send us information about the latest achievements of your company. 

Happy reading!

Globalia member in Nantong, China, is now moving freight from China to Vietnam by railway

The new train service is quick, cheap, safe and environment-friendly

Jiangsu Regal International Logistics Co Ltd, Globalia member in Nantong, China, is presently handling businesses from China to Vietnam by rail. The new train reaches Hanoi in 3 days and it is much faster than ocean service. Jiangsu Regal also arranges the customs clearance service. The shipped items take three days to reach Hanoi and are delivered to the consignee on the 4th day. 

“Shipping by train comes with a lot of advantages. To begin with, it is much faster and cheaper than ocean shipping. Moreover, it is also much safer and environment-friendly because of low carbon emission and reduced energy consumption. Our customers are very happy about this fast, cheap and sustainable means of transportation,” says Steven Weng, Manager of Jiangsu Regal. 

Wishing Jiangsu Regal the very best for their future endeavours!

Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting brings together more than 100 freight forwarders to Abu Dhabi

The meeting has set a new record attendance for the network

Globalia Logistics Network’s 3rd Annual Meeting which was held at Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 13th -15th March 2019, welcomed over 106 attendees exclusively representing more than 50 countries who got to promote their business on a truly global platform. After the grand success of Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting, which witnessed a 60% growth in attendance, the members came together once again to touch base with their fellow network members for enhanced possibilities of teamwork in the months to come. This year’s event has been all the more special since it has surpassed even the last year’s attendance record.

During the meeting, the members were given a personal demonstration of FreightViewer, Globalia’s new freight rate management software which will digitize the freight rate dissemination system while allowing the members to create instant online quotations for their clients and partners. Apart from that, every delegate got to schedule a maximum of 22 one-to-one meetings which formed the most important networking activity of this event. Thanks to these meetings, agents got to secure many new collaborative businesses and got a chance to showcase their accomplishments.

Some of the highlights of the conference included a welcome cocktail reception and a gala dinner party at the Byblos Sur Mer Restaurant, which was literally the pinnacle of the event. “Within less than 3 years since our formation, our network is already represented by 183 members in over 127 countries. The Annual Meetings help to foster the spirit of teamwork within the network and allows the members to personally meet their partners and secure a great many projects. Putting it simply, it allows our members to achieve a lot more than they could have done over months of phone calls or email conversations,” says Mr. Antonio Torres, Founder, and CEO of Globalia Logistics Network.

After attending the Annual Meeting, a member commented, “We are totally contented with the manner in which they conduct the Annual Meetings. It not just helps us obtain new projects from other members but also allows us to make the most of GLB’s truly global outreach. My experience at Abu Dhabi had been fantastic and I am definitely joining the team in the coming year,”

Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting is all set to commence on the 13th of March at the Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi!

More than 105 members from all around the globe will be meeting at Abu Dhabi to promote their companies and set the scene for numerous business opportunities for the coming months

After the remarkable growth of attendance during Globalia’s 2nd Annual Meeting, the members are getting ready once again to meet each other at the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. The meeting which will be held from the 13th -15th of March 2019, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will kick off with a Welcome Cocktail Party where the delegates can meet and greet each other before embarking on the business talks on the following day.

The attending agents have already scheduled the one-to-one meetings with their network partners which are going to be the most important networking activity of the event. As stated by Antonio Torres the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network, “The primary objective of our yearly meetings is to foster a cooperative spirit and strengthen the ties among the network members. The three days at Abu Dhabi will not just provide our members with a networking platform but also allow them to forge lasting relationships with their partners which in turn will make the way for many new collaborative projects,”. 

This year, all the attending members will be given a personal demonstration of the FreightViewer- Globalia’s new online tool which will irrevocably alter the old ways of manual quote generation by giving the members the ability to generate instant online door-to-door quotations for their services.

On the 2nd evening of the meeting of the meeting, the delegates will wine and dine at the Byblos Sur Mer restaurant which will be followed by live music and merrymaking activities. To sum it up, Globalia’s 3rd Annual Meeting will present a unique networking opportunity for its members and allow them to further their business interests and secure many new projects.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Globalia Mumbai successfully handles a project shipment to Sierra Leone on an ex-works basis

The cargo was meant for the setting up of a palm oil extraction plant in Sierra Leone, Africa

Antares Logistics Pvt Ltd, the Globalia member in Mumbai, India, successfully moved a project shipment from Ex-N’sheva Port (Mumbai) to set up a palm oil Extraction plant in Sierra Leone on ex-work Basis. The cargo which consisted of ODC cargo open-top, heavy duty and normal containers were shipped in a time-bound manner.

“The scope of this project was considerable since we were required to pick up the cargo from multiple locations/suppliers by using heavy lift equipment. Transporting cargo from factory to CFS, consolidating the cargo at CFS and shipping it out on a time-bound manner also proved to be a challenging task which was perfectly executed by our team,” says Mr. Chandrasenan Krishnan Director of Antares Logistics.

Warm congratulations to Antares Logistics from the Globalia team for carrying out this project successfully!

Globalia Beijing moves 2 aircraft engines from Beijing to Hong Kong

The shipment handled by our member in Beijing consisted of a Trent 970 engine and a GEnx engine 

Beijing Monking Associates Int’l Forwarding Co Ltd, Globalia member in Beijing, China, has transported a Trent 970 engine for Airbus and a GEnx engine for Boeing B787 for China Southern Airlines. The Trent 970 was moved to Hong Kong by an air suspension truck, from where SQ Airlines would move it to Amsterdam via Singapore. From Amsterdam, the engine would be hauled to a German MRO facility. The GEnx engine was shipped to Incheon Airport, Korea, by KE, from where Beijing Monking arranged for air suspension trucking from ICN airport to a local MRO facility.

A crane was required to upload and download the cargo. “We handle both inbound and outbound parts & spares for China Southern Airlines since 2010 and we operate our own air suspension trucks for the transport of engines and helicopters. Aviation and aerospace logistics accounts for 85% of our business. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this significant project was handled flawlessly by our team,” says Jonathan Ma, CEO of Beijing Monking.

Mr Ma further adds, “This shipment was extremely demanding primarily because of the size and weight of the cargo. For example, Trent 970 weighs about 12,500 kg, with a height of 311 cm, while the door height of a B747 freighter is just 312 cm. This is why loading of the shipment required a lot of expertise and attention. Moreover, the value of Trent 970 is over 22 million USD. Considering all of the above, the job was quite a challenging one,”

Congratulations to Beijing Monking Associates for the perfect execution of this project!