FreightViewer adds a new tool to facilitate the seamless upload of freight rates into the platform

FreightViewer’s new feature enables the upload of freight rates through user-friendly online forms which members can complete in a few minutes with daily or weekly rates

Globalia Logistics Network has added a new feature to its member-exclusive online quoting platform FreightViewer. The newly added fuctionality comes with an upgraded template format for easily publishing freight rates in FreightViewer. This format allows  agents to upload costs in the system in a much more simple and effective way by using customized online forms instead of excel sheets.  Consequently, members will be able to share freight rates online with members in the network and customers or other overseas partners.

FreightViewer - Transport Management Software
FreightViewer – Transport Management Software


With this newly developed tool users can upload freight rates in three simple steps, adding all the needed details such as costs, remarks, surcharges, transit time, or carrier. This simple upload of freight rates gives members the ability to offer an online service. This is, selling their rates through the Member Area whereby all partners in the network, except those in the same country, can check the updated quotations. On the other hand, FreightViewer comes with a tailored quoting website for member’s companies where all customers and other partners will be able to login an register to check online rates at any time.

Andrea Martin, FreightViewer Coordinator of Globalia Logistics network says, “This new method adapts the system to a volatile rate market since it enables the offer of daily or weekly rates as well as spot rates. Besides offering these rates directly to members of the network and customers, the head office can also promote the availability of these rates.”

The members will receive live demonstration of the use and utility of the new features of this transport management software during Globalia’s 5th Annual Meeting at Bali that will take place from 17th to 19th April 2024.

Click on this link to watch a video on how to use the online form.