Globalia Singapore moves 4 units of A60H dump trucks

The shipment was moved from Jakarta to New Caledonia via Ro-Ro vessel

Interfreight Linc Logistics PTE Ltd, Globalia member in Singapore, has moved a cargo of 4 units of A60 dump trucks from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Noumea, New Caledonia. Each of the dump trucks weighed 43,800 kg and the total weight of the cargo was about 175,500 kg.

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In the words of Simon Ng, the Head of Sales and Marketing of Interfreight, “The dimension for each truck was 12.23 x 3.92 x 3.85 meters and moving a cargo with a total dimension of 738.28 CBM posed considerable challenges, but our professional team was involved in every step to make sure the cargo was transported without the slightest hitch.”

Congratulations to Globalia Singapore for the successful handling of this project!