A 5000 units housing project managed by the government

Globalia Panama handles the logistics of more than 800 FEUS all over the country

General Cargo, Globalia Panama, collaborates in a housing project managed by a private company which is working on hand with the government. The complex project consists of the transportation of 5000 units.

Thanks to the professionalism of their team and the wide range of services they are offering, General Cargo’s team have loaded, shipped, received and delivered than 800 FEUS all over the country including the remotest villages.

General Cargo’s warehouse and distribution centre, which is situated just 50 km off the main air hub, has played an important role in this project. In the words of Mr Pedro Chaluja, General Cargos’ Director:

“The connectivity advantages offered by Panama’s logistic hub has allowed us to develop a very efficient service. We have been able to work in very hard-to-reach rural areas, making the impossible, possible”

Cheers to General Cargo for their tremendous achievement and all the best to their future endeavours.