New video by Globalia Monterrey to promote their integrated logistical services

The short promotional video they have put together highlights the efficiency of their operations that focuses on personalized door-to-door services

Pacifica Customs y Logistics, Globalia member and logistics company in Monterrey, Mexico, has created a short promotional video, in which they have highlighted their services, company and team. In the last few years, they have established themselves as one of the main logistics operators providing solutions and professional and personalized services in synergy with their suppliers and network of partners around the world.

“As a company dedicated to coordinated and integrated logistics, our specialty is to generate profitability in your foreign trade operations by offering services focused on reducing costs, customized services and competitive prices. This video is an attempt to make our services known to our clients and partners all over the world,” says Guillermo Aguilar, the Commercial Director of Globalia Monterrey.

Globalia encourages its members to check out the video by clicking on this link:

Congratulations to Pacifica Customs y Logistics, and best of luck for their upcoming projects!

Globalia Monterrey has set a new record this quarter by acquiring a remarkable 200% increase in new clients

The massive increase in the number of clients is largely due to investments in technology and public relations initiatives that the company has undertaken

Pacifica Customs y Logistics, Globalia member and logistics company in Monterrey, Mexico, achieves a 200% increase in client base this quarter. This surge in clientele is attributed to the company’s strategic investments in technology and robust public relations initiatives.

As part of their expansion strategy, Pacifica Customs y Logistics has relocated to a more spacious office space to accommodate the growing demands of their operations. Additionally, the company has revamped its website to enhance user experience and engage a wider audience. To optimize operational efficiency, Pacifica Customs y Logistics has invested in advanced tracking technologies. These technological advancements, coupled with strategic bonded facility services, are key contributors to the company’s unprecedented growth.

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Pacifica Customs y Logistics


Guillermo Aguilar, the Commercial Director of Pacifica Customs y Logistics, highlighted the company’s proactive approach to networking within the broader supply chain community. “We are actively participating in various industry events, such as the Manufacturing & Capital Net-Building event at Tec de Mty, to foster collaboration in the logistics industry,” he explained.

They are also organizing workshops to educate their clients and partners about the nuances of this sector. A recent workshop, titled “Learn to Import,” conducted by their Operations Director, reflects the company’s dedication to empowering its stakeholders. Lastly, they secured coverage in PLAYERS of LIFE magazine, a widely recognized publication in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and TorreĆ³n. This initiative aims to strengthen the company’s presence and reputation in key markets.

Congratulations to Globalia Monterrey on these remarkable achievements!