Australia enforces quarantine measures for containers coming from risk countries to combat the problem of Khapra beetle infestation

Khapra beetle are a dangerous pest that targets containers with plant-based products, and high-risk containers are henceforth required to be fumigated at the point of origin

Australia has released an updated regulation for urgent actions to protect against khapra beetle. Beetles are a highly damaging pest getting rid of which is extremely difficult. It is a part of the list of world’s top 100 worst invasive species. These pests usually target shipments of grains, oil seeds and dried foods.Most importantly, they leave behind their larvae, hair and skin sheds that pose considerable health risk.

“Australia has published specific regulations regarding the control of Khapra beetle infestation problems and we consider that is is something all members and clients should take into account when managing their shipments into Australia”, says Andy McClay the General Manager of PCFS Logistics, Globalia member in Sydney, Australia.

The pests tend to hide in the tiniest cracks making them very resistant to pesticides. Furthermore, they can survive without food for a long time. For this reason, the best way to avoid them is to stop them from entering a non-native country.

Globalia Sydney member alert-freight forwarding
Member Alert from PCFS Logistics
This pest which is native to India, is found in other parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. Precisely for this reason Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) has made quarantine treatment mandatory for containers with a risk of khapra beetle infestation.

Shippers should fumigate the containers that fall under either condition at origin prior to departure. The authorities will re-export all untreated containers as onshore treatment is not an option currently. The measures for khapra beetle have been in force since 12th April. It is applicable for containers that contain high risk plant products & packed in target risk countries. These containers will require offshore treatment prior to landing in Australia. The new measures that will come into place from July 12th will cover all other goods from target risk countries. These goods will be unpacked in a rural grain growing area of Australia.

Mr. McClay further adds, “I would request my Globalia partners to check the list of khapra beetle high risk countries along with the list of plant products that are prone to beetle infestation. You will find all the relevant info about the newly implemented measures on this Members’ Alert. For questions about the alert get in touch with our team for further assistance.”

We thank Globalia Sydney for making the members aware of the new regulations in Australia!