Globalia Warsaw participates in the X edition of TransLogistica Poland, which took place on 7-9 November

By participating in the fair as an exhibitor, OMEGAir CARGO had the opportunity to directly reach manufacturing companies, distributors, shippers and cargo owners

OMEGAir CARGO, Globalia member in Warsaw, Poland, took part in the TransLogistica Poland 2023 that was held in November in Warsaw. It is the largest business event in Central and Eastern Europe for companies related to the transport, forwarding and logistics industry.

Renata Husiatynska, the Board Assistant of Globalia member in Warsaw commented, “One of the reasons that influenced our decision to participate in the fair is that the event is characterized by a high level of internationalization. Moreover, the high attendance and general success of previous editions encouraged us to exhibit in this event.”

OMEGAir - independent freight forwarder
OMEGAir Cargo – Globalia member in Warsaw


Beyond expanding brand recognition in the freight forwarding market, OMEGAir CARGO aimed to leverage the networking opportunities provided by trade fairs. According to Husiatynska, “The significance lies not only in growth and brand visibility but also in networking. By maintaining good relations, you can gain further benefits that are not just purely sales-oriented. Over time, we can better understand the situation in our industry, learn about market demand, or receive recommendations from good suppliers and partners.”

TransLogistica Poland 2023 proved to be more than just an industry-specific gathering. OMEGAir CARGO engaged with representatives from technology providers, shippers, and carriers, extending their reach beyond the logistics sector. “We also had the opportunity to gather information from both potential customers and other companies operating in the same market. We can use the information obtained from the local market when analyzing the activities of the competition,” added Ms Husiatynska.

Congratulations to Globalia Warsaw for further enhancing their position in the logistics landscape!