Globalia Southampton and Felixstowe becomes the official shirt sponsor of Tendring Rovers Football Club

Tendring Rovers FC, is an inclusive football team with a diverse community that embraces people of all abilities, backgrounds and ages

Oceanside Logistics Ltd, Globalia member in Southampton and Felixstowe, UK, has officially partnered with the Tendring Rovers Football Club and became their new shirt sponsor.

Harry Green, Director of Oceanside Logistics Ltd, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for supporting Tendring Rovers FC, stating, “As a company that values community and teamwork, we’re proud to support the amazing initiatives of Tendring Rovers FC, who are not just playing the beautiful game but also making sports inclusive and accessible for all.”

Oceanside Logistics Ltd- independent freight forwarder
Oceanside Logistics- t-shirt sponsor of Tendring Rovers FC


Highlighting the club’s pioneering role in the new 11-a-side disability league for the South East of England, Green added, “With Tendring Rovers FC being a founding team in the new 11-a-side disability league for the South East of England, we’re excited to see them make waves in the football community and beyond.”

The collaboration between Oceanside Logistics Ltd and Tendring Rovers FC exemplifies a shared commitment to fostering diversity, teamwork, and the spirit of the beautiful game within the community.

Wishing Globalia Southampton/Felixstowe all the best with their future endeavours!

Globalia Southampton ships humanitarian aid from the UK to Polish-Ukraine border

They are sending bi-weekly vehicles to the Ukraine border for transporting the humanitarian aid donated in New Forest, England

Oceanside Logistics, Globalia member in Southampton, England, is sending out bi-weekly vehicles from the UK to Polish-Ukraine border with charity and humanitarian aid in response to the Ukrainian conflict. They are doing the commendable task of bearing the entire transportation cost for moving the humanitarian aid donated in New Forest. Each shipment is costing the company more than 1,000 Euros.

To begin with, they moved 100 boxes of toiletries and other goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

To quote Mr. Harry Green the Director of Globalia Southampton, “We are proud to help the New Forest Benefice with assisting the people of Ukraine. Each day it is getting more difficult to send charitable goods into Ukraine, so we are happy to do our part to get this aid where it needs to go.”

Oceanside Logistics - independent freight forwarder
Oceanside Logistics – independent freight forwarder

Their original destination was a church in Lviv. However, because of increasing military strikes by Russia, they couldn’t find a driver to take the goods into Ukraine. “After a week of issues we have been able to find a church in Poland who will take the goods and get them to the Ukrainian refugees,” adds a spokesperson from Oceanside Logistics.

Many congratulations to Oceanside Logistics for this commendable effort!