ETE Group, Globalia member in Lisbon/Porto is now ETE Log

The change in name is the result of a merger which began in January 2020

MARDANA, one of the freight forwarding companies operating under ETE Group, Globalia member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has merged and changed its name to ETE LOG. This merger which began in January 2020 was completed in April 2020 and during this period they were faced with the COVID-19 pandemic that posed several challenges, including mandatory confinement.

European Logistics

Despite all the challenges and constraints caused by Covid-19, the merger was successfully concluded and the involvement and commitment of the teams of both companies were decisive for this. According to Maria Alberquerque, the Operations Manager of ETE Logistica, “We came to this decision after much deliberation on part of the board of Directors of ETE group. We are hoping that this merger will optimize our resources and boost our operations.”

Congratulations to Globalia Lisbon/Porto for getting the AEO certificate and all the best for their upcoming projects!