Globalia implements xChange’s container leasing and trading platform in the Members Area

Members will now be able to check the availability of containers on Container xChange – the leading online marketplace for shipping containers – right from the Members Area

In a strategic move to elevate container management capabilities, Globalia Logistics Network has integrated the renowned online marketplace, Container xChange, into its Members Area. Container xChange is the leading online platform for container logistics that brings together all relevant companies to manage and book shipping containers, execute all related processes and optimize invoicing and payments. Therefore, this new addition will allow over 215 freight forwarders to check availability of containers on this platform directly from the Members’ Area of the Globalia website.

Container xChange
Container xChange- Online platform for container logistics


“We have added their API in our intranet which enables our members to access directly through their browser to search available leasing containers. This integration streamlines container management for Globalia members, offering a user-friendly experience within the familiar Members Area,” explains Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Globalia Logistics Network.

Container xChange aims to relieve the burden on industry professionals, simplifying their operations and decision-making by providing real-time data access and automating the entire process. This platform helps forwarders to find the best prices and rates globally by choosing from 100,000+ offers in over 1,500+ locations. With just a few clicks, users are able to sell and lease containers and benefit from access to accurate container prices, one-way leasing rates and their development for up to 2 years. Moreover, besides having direct access to xChange services throughout the Member Area, Globalia members will benefit from a 10% discount on subscriptions to their platform.

Dr. Johannes Schlingmeier, co-founder, and CEO of Container xChange, underscored a prevalent challenge within the container logistics sector— the slow adoption of technology hindering real-time analysis of price and leasing rates. Furthermore, acknowledging the transformative potential of technology in the container shipping industry, he stressed the significance of harnessing big data for more informed decision-making. In his words, “Container xChange simplifies the access to data so industry participants can complement the experience and offline knowledge with the latest facts when making decisions”

This collaboration marks a significant step towards optimizing container logistics and enhancing the overall efficiency of Globalia Logistics Network. This latest implementation is part of the digital strategy conducted by Globalia aimed to offer members the latest technological tools in the logistics market. These features, together with FreightViewer – Gobalia’s member exclusive quoting platform – will help members to cope with the new demands in the current industry.