Globalia’s 1st Virtual Meeting has been covered by several prominent websites of the shipping sector

Globalia’s  first-ever Virtual Meeting held on the 14th-15th October allowed the members to get together and continue with the networking in the absence of a direct in-person meeting

The news of Globalia’s 1st online conference for freight forwarders in 2020 has already been published on 6 popular websites dedicated to the logistics sector. The event which was held on 14th – 15th October 2020 has been covered by three popular supply chain websites – NovoLogistics, All About Shipping, News Maritime Network, DC Velocity, Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, and Theme Lower.

Logistics Industry

All About Shipping is a UK based logistics web magazine with an average of 30K views per year, that offers the industry professionals a variety of news and information from the shipping sector. News Maritime Network is a community application that publishes real-time news and information pertinent to the supply chain industry. Novologistica is a Spanish language blog dedicated to the logistics and warehousing sector that has been furnishing the readers with relevant blogs and newsworthy articles from the industry. DC Velocity is one of the leading supply chain multi-media magazines published from the USA. Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria is a Spanish language magazine dedicated to this sector which is run by the students and professors of the International Maritime Business School. Theme Lower is a news website covering all kinds of news from all over the globe.

The news published on these 3 logistics websites mentions the details of the online event, the countless business opportunities it presented, how it did away with the obstacles to participation, and how it allowed the delegates to network with their partners and obtain new collaborative projects from the network. The news articles also say a few lines about FreightViewer and how the members were presented with an online demonstration of its latest features and updates.

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