Project shipment of 81 tons of one big mobile asphalt plant moved by Globalia Itajai/ Sao Paulo

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They collaborated with Globalia La Guaira, who helped them with the discharge of their chartered vessel and issued documents for clearing goods to their final consignee

LAC Worldwide - logistics company in Itajai and Sao Paolo
Project Cargo of LAC Worldwide

LAC Worldwide, Globalia member in Itajai and Sao Paolo, Brazil, has carried out the successful transportation of a project cargo consisting of a mobile asphalt plant with tanks and accessories. The primary equipment, the asphalt plant, was 22.60 meters in length, 3.20 meters in width, and 4.40 meters in height. The tanks and trailers, measured 14.00 meters x 3.20 meters x 4.40 meters. In addition, they moved wooden crates specifically designed by LAC Worldwide to accommodate all the accessories and made them forkliftable. In total, the shipment amounted to 783 cubic meters and 81 tons.

Felipe Sellera, the Project Cargo and Branch Manager of LAC Worldwide, highlights that apart from dealing with the size and unique characteristics of the cargo, one of the major challenges of this project was the destination itself. “Venezuela has recently posed difficulties for spot projects, making it a complex country to operate in. However, our team navigated these challenges by avoiding LOLO operations and instead focused on finding a tailor-made vessel that suited the project’s requirements.”

LAC Worldwide- mobile asphalt plant shipment


They used shrink-wrapping plastic to protect the equipment and avoid damage to the electronic controlling components. Moreover, owing to the low ground clearance of the main cargo, combined with its considerable length, the team executed several strategic manoeuvres. These manoeuvres were necessary to enable safe handling during the loading and discharge operations.

“Additionally, we had the invaluable support of Globalia agent, Cosmos Enterprises. They helped us to conduct a thorough survey of the discharge process for the chartered vessel. They also helped us obtain the necessary documentation to clear the goods for its final consignee. Lastly, this collaboration and support played a crucial role in the project’s successful execution despite the complexities associated with the destination,” adds Mr Sellera.

Congratulations to LAC Worldwide and all the best for their upcoming projects!