The first Metaverse airport in Bangalore to boost the export, import and door to door projects of Axis Worldwide Logistics

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Bengaluru’s Kempegowda Airport’s T2 terminal can now be experienced on Metaverse. Metaverse makes use of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technology to create a deeply engaging shared virtual space that is realistic and interactive. The launch of Bangalore Metaport in Metaverse is the first instance of an international airport to venture into the hyper-realistic world of Metaverse. It goes without saying that this new step will have a considerable impact on the air freight industry in Bangalore.

This airport will definitely be a huge advantage for all the freight forwarders in Bangalore. Axis Worldwide Logistics India, Globalia member in Bangalore, India, foresees an increase in the volumes they handle on the export and import front and their door-to-door services.

As stated by Mr Sreenath Menon the President of Axis Worldwide Logistics India LLP, “Bangalore airport is one of the busiest airports in the country and if the statistics go right, it is 3rd in the country and 29th busiest airport in Asia in terms of volumes and passenger handling. Bangalore airport also boasts about its latest technologies making the airport user-friendly.Therefore, the launch of BLR Metaport is an exemplary step that will further boost the digitization of the air cargo sector as well as our projects. As Axis is already offering professional, dedicated and time-bound services, we strongly believe that this new launch will add value to our services.”

The launch of BLR Metaport

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is gearing up to become the first metaverse-friendly airport in the world. As per an announcement by the BIAL, the T2 terminal of Bangalore airport can now be experienced in the Metaverse. The BIAL has partnered with Polygon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create this Metaport. Once completed the BLR Metaport will offer a 3D, hyper-realistic experience of the recently launched Terminal 2.

Intel, BIAL, and AWS together created the Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) in April 2022. The objective of JIC is to drive innovation by adopting digitization in the aviation sector. They seek to make use of the up-and-coming technologies to create new business models that will transform the experience of the passengers and customers and allow the airport to be the pioneer of digital innovation in India’s commercial aviation.

Axis Worldwide Logistics- air freight forwarder
First Metaverse Airport in Bangalore

The BLR Metaport will enhance the digital experience of the customers

The BLR Metaport is designed to enhance the digital experience of the passengers. Simply put, the new three-dimensional interface will offer customers a unique way to communicate with the airport staff. It will revolutionize the way people used to check into flights, move from one terminal to another, and even interact with other passengers. The Metaport will help to offer an all-new immersive airport experience for the passengers and customers.

This endeavour will eventually help to drive a digital economy that can be accessed by people from all around the globe. “The launch of BLR Metaport exemplifies how multinationals can collaborate and innovate to bring blockchain solutions to the masses. As one of the top air freight forwarders in Bangalore, we believe that going digital is the order of the day. Additionally, digitization can help us with every aspect of the business including error-free documentation , fast clearance and on-time or time-bound delivery without incurring any additional cost all of which any client would be looking for as a package,” continues Mr. Menon.

The impact of the BLR Metaport on the future of the aviation sector

Mr. Menon from Globalia Bangalore explains, “Although presently the innovation only applies to passengers, it has become clear that this revolutionary technology will soon alter the future of the air freight sector. We offer a wide range of air freight forwarding services, both inbound and outbound. This service includes pick-up, customs clearance, delivery, and distribution operations to a vast range of worldwide destinations. Our flexibility and personalized services make our airfreight services customer friendly. We are excited that our home airport has launched the world’s first airport Metaverse experience. This is going to be a major step in the aviation sector that will have a long-term impact on the future of the air freight industry.”

The BLR Metaport demonstrates how airports can leverage the latest technologies to speed up industry innovation and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, additional advantages of the Metaport include agility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and low latency.

Mr. Menon concludes, “We believe in moving with the times and swimming with the tide. In other words, we update ourselves with the latest technology available in the industry so that our staff, our customers, our agents, partners, and vendors can benefit in all respects. Our out-of-the-box innovative thinking makes us updated enough to air transport shipments to any location in the globe. Lastly, we are hopeful that in the near future the BLR Metaport will allow air freight forwarders to enhance the level of their services in many new ways.”