The postconference brochure of Globalia is now online

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This brochure comes with information and photos from Globalia’s Second Virtual Meeting in October

We are excited to tell you that you can now download the post-conference brochure from Globalia’s 2nd Virtual Meeting on our website. Inside the brochure, you will find all the members who attended the meeting. We have also included an introduction from our President Antonio Torres and opinions from attendees. Moreover, inside the brochure, you will find a summary of all the events from the meeting.

Globalia Logistics Network Virtual Meeting

Since our meeting two weeks ago, we have received positive feedback about the event and how it helped delegates foster their relationships within the network and discuss new business. Globalia’s team has put together this Post-Conference Brochure as a permanent souvenir of the event and we hope you enjoy.

We are very happy with the Virtual Meeting’s success and look forward to our next conference. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next physical Annual Meeting, whose dates and location are still to be determined.

Hope you enjoy reading!