Ventures into ISO Tank haulage services to the Far East

P2P Logistics is also managing the movement of Flexi Tanks which are ideal for transporting edible items

P2P Logistics, Globalia member in Livorno, Italy, is now providing ISO Tank haulage services. Globalia Livorno is specialized in transporting T11 type tanks which are suitable for food and chemical items. “We intend to move the ISO tanks to the North American countries, thereby linking the USA and Canada with the ports of Northern Europe. P2P Logistics is taking care of all the aspects of the movement such as trucking, cleaning, and re-positioning,” says Mr. Luca Bruno, CEO of P2P Logistics.
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GLB Livorno, P2P Logistics, is also managing the transportation of Flexi Tanks which are used for carrying liquid foodstuff and powdery items such as animal feed. The Flexi Tanks are rigged inside the 20’ box which is then moved to the loading plant where the shipper fills the cargo inside the flexi. Mr. Luca further adds, “We greatly appreciate the network for organizing the Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi, thanks to which our company is now profitably teaming up with trustworthy partners, such as CT Forwarding (Cargotrans), Globalia member in Dubai”.

Congratulations to P2P Logistics and wishing them all the best for their future endeavours!