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FreightViewer is exclusive for members of Globalia Logistics Network but we will be glad to show its potential to any interested freight forwarder.

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In Globalia, we believe in complete dedication and for this very reason we have created a team of committed personnel whose primarily job is to focus on FreightViewer and offer assistance whenever required.

The FreightViewer Department even provides with training and demos for a better and smooth experience.

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

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Manuel Cardona

Manuel Cardona

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Globalia Logistics Network's FreightViewer FREE & EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of FreightViewer. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FreightViewer is the member exclusive Online Quoting Platform powered by Globalia Logistics Network which enables the management of freight, local, transport rates and profits to offer these online to agents in the network and non-member companies or direct customers.

FreightViewer is only available for members of Conqueror, therefore, the access is restricted to agents in the network. Once a company becomes a member, FreightViewer is activated immediately. There is no need for technical implementation by the new agent.

In order to become an agent, please complete this form.

The use of the platform is included in the membership fee paid yearly for Conqueror Members. Once you become a member you will have access to all features in FreightViewer as part of your membership benefits, with no additional cost beyond the annual membership fee.

Firstly, you should upload rates into the platform, once these are published in FreightViewer they become immediately accessible online for network members (excluding those in your country) through the Member Area (intranet). These rates will also be available through your companies’ customizable website (extranet) allowing clients to log in, register, and access your rates at any time. This is rates are offered online in both, network’s intranet, and customer's portal.

FreightViewer simplifies the process of uploading rates by offering two user- friendly options. You can choose to input rates seamlessly through the platform's online forms. Alternatively, for added convenience and flexibility, freight rates can be uploaded using Excel sheets provided by the system.

This dual approach ensures that the rate-upload process is user-friendly, accommodating different preferences and enhancing the overall efficiency of managing and sharing rates within FreightViewer platform.

Yes, you can create PDF documents and email quotations as many times as needed. These PDFs can be customised with your company's corporative information, ensuring the document reflects your brand identity. This document can be sent by email directly through FreightViewer.

FreightViewer provides a helpful feature that allows you to track and follow up on quotations once they've been sent. When you send a quotation through FreightViewer, the platform generates quotation link. This link can be shared with recipients. By using this link, you can see how many times the quotation has been visited and when those visits occurred. This tracking feature gives you valuable insights into the engagement with your quotations, enabling more informed and timely follow-ups with potential clients or partners.

Yes. Through your company's quoting website, you can enable any user to register and log in; these users can be direct/local clients or overseas agents who are not in the network. You will be able to offer personalized rates once users have registered.

In addition, if you need to request rates from external partners (companies out of the Network) you can send an interactive PDF document to enable these agents to complete the needed rates. These tariffs will be automatically saved in your quotation records without the need to type them yourself.

Yes. Through FreightViewer you can set predefined profits which will be added automatically to the quote calculation. Although profits are predefined in the system for each client, they can be modified in the specific quote whenever needed.

In the absence of online rates, members within the network can easily request quotes through the intranet’s browser, stablishing a communication channel between members for updates on the request.

Not only agents in the network are able to submit quote requests, customers also have the advantage of requesting quotations conveniently through your company's quoting website when instant rates are not available. This process allows customers to submit their specific shipping requirements, initiating a streamlined, online and efficient service. Although, in this process, quotations are not generated instantly, the customer’s portal ensures that clients can easily communicate their needs, preferences, and logistics specifications at any time.

All critical alerts generated within FreightViewer are communicated promptly via email to the designated contact within the company. This ensures that key notifications, such as new quotation requests or registrations from new customers, are promptly delivered to the relevant personnel.

The email communication system serves as an efficient and immediate way to keep the company informed about important activities and updates within FreightViewer. Whether it's a new business opportunity or the need for a response to a customer inquiry, the email alerts guarantee that the right individuals are promptly notified, allowing for timely and effective action. This email notification system enhances communication and responsiveness, contributing to an agile and smooth operation.

Comprehensive training for the use of FreightViewer system is facilitated by FreightViewer Department. You will receive all the necessary training materials, including guides and documentation, to aid in familiarizing yourself with the platform.

In addition to written resources, FreightViewer Department offers personalized training through individual demonstrations conducted via video calls. This approach ensures that you will have access to detailed instructional materials but also receive direct, interactive guidance to effectively navigate and utilize the features of FreightViewer. The combination of teaching materials and individualized video demonstrations enhances the learning experience, empowering you to make the most of the system's capabilities.

FreightViewer uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol where all the information such as rates, customers details, accounting information... are jumbled up before reaching our devices, protecting your personal information.

There is no installation needed at all. FreightViewer is entirely web-based allowing our members complete access from any device. There´s no need for software installation.

Globalia Logistics Network   FREE & EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

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FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure allowing the establishment of an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. Not only enhances the accuracy of the quotation but also significantly reduces its processing time, from a number of days to less than a minute.

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