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Globalia Meeting

The time and cost needed to travel the world to meet and consolidate relationships with partners can be monstrous, which is why well-attended annual meetings are so vital for success.

Together in one place at one time

Annually, every member of Globalia will come together in one place at one time, reducing expense and time spent away from the office.

Promote, deal, build long-term partnerships

Globalia's annual meeting is the perfect platform on which members can promote their businesses internationally, do deals and build long-term partnerships. These meetings are without doubt the biggest benefit of membership.

Formal and relaxed settings

Attendees can expect two days of one-to-one meetings pre-booked via our one-to-one online scheduler. It won't be all formalities though; we will be providing more relaxed settings as well.

So whether it's enjoying a cocktail al fresco, or drinking a coffee between meetings, there will be countless opportunities to build relationships and do business!

Globalia Logistic Network's next Annual Meeting is an opportunity
no member can afford to miss!


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Micky Diaz
Chairman / CEO
GLB Chittagong
Chittagong, Bangladesh
It was a pleasure and very nice to meet so many prestige’s people/agents in Bangkok, Thailand, for building a strategic alliance.

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Jonas Ventura
Marketing and Operations Manager
GLB Manila
Manila, Philippines
The 1st Globalia meeting was well organized and successful, attendees enjoyed one to one meetings and being given enough time discuss details on how we can support each other.

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Enrica Centorame
GLB Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
I would like to thank you for an outstanding Conference. The professionalism and organisation excellent. The choice of agents also left me very impressed. We look forward to working with you all.

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Portia May
Managing Director
GLB Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
This has been a first for us, great business opportunity and shipments have started to move.

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Dawn Tan
GLB Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
It was a great experience to know each other in person and would like to thank each one of you for the time spend in conference getting to know each other. WE met, we shared, during one to one meeting, dinners/lunch and outing party’s. Thanks again and look forward to the next AGM

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Francis M. Fondevilla
Forwarding Manager
GLB Manila
Manila, Philippines
The conference was very well organized. It was a wonderful experience, the level and diversity of agents were outstanding

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